Element Digital Engineering’s modeling and simulation teams are based in four offices worldwide. We recruit the very best from research teams, academic institutions, and industry, ensuring that we balance experienced practitioners with recent graduates from the world’s leading universities.

The tools we use range from in-house expert assessments to the very latest in computational analysis techniques. We have access to almost every major engineering software tool, as well as our own software experts for developing bespoke applications.

Our specialists comprise many technical disciplines from structural, material and mechanical engineering to fluid flow and heat transfer as well as electromagnetics and electrical systems.  We commonly combine our skills to deliver multi-physics challenges such as fluid-structure interaction and thermal management of electrical systems.

Whether developing a new capability, solving a new challenge or needing support to existing capabilities, contact us to discuss how we can support you.

What is modeling and simulation in engineering? 

We utilize modeling and simulation to digitalize complex challenges and capture meaningful data that support your operations. We offer digital solutions throughout product lifecycles and across all industries, solving the most complex problems quickly and efficiently.

In the early stages of product development, lifecycles rely on a rigorous assessment of potential design concepts to optimize a solution before working up a detailed design. Much of the assessment process can be completed digitally through virtual prototyping and virtual testing. 

Advances in physics-based predictive technologies allow modeling and simulation of a wide range of physical processes including structural dynamics, fluid mechanics, electromagnetics, chemistry, and a wide range of multi-physics techniques where multiple physical processes occur. 

Digital Engineering Case Study

Case Studies

Element Digital Engineering utilize modeling, simulation, data science, and other digital solutions to help our customers solve complex problems.

Read examples of our work in the following sectors: aerospace, built environment, energy, marine, mining, pharma, renewables, transport, utilities. 

We add value to your operations and we are always eager to support your next challenge.


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